About Me

Thankfully, you’ve found your way here! If you don’t know me, my name is Martha Konstandinidis and I’m an aspiring broadcast journalist from Boston. Growing up in the heart of New England, I landed at Emerson College where I’m currently getting my master’s degree in Journalism.

When I’m not at school, you’ll find me filming, editing, or writings stories. Thus far, I’ve worked extensively at numerous television and radio stations where I produced news and entertainment content. I’ve gained most of my experience in anchoring, voice and audio recording, filming, editing, and writing articles/scripts for multiple media platforms. Some of my work has appeared on WMLN-FM, CC8 TV, BCAM TV, and WEBN.

I like to consider myself a jack of all trades because of my wide skill set. When I’m not focusing on Journalism, I like to dive back into my background in theatrical performance and production. Experience includes directing, acting in several shows including Noises Off, The Laramie Project, and the Skin Of Our Teeth, painting/constructing multiple sets and managing a theatre organization.

Other than work, I enjoy live entertainment in all forms, but especially concerts. Music and podcasts are a must to get through the day and I’m constantly on the hunt for a new album or show. Most of all, being creative and being able to express myself through outlets like painting, drawing, writing poetry and making videos is a personal favorite when I can get some down time.

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