“A Dead Cat, A Lawyer’s Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How The Media Fell Short On Jeffrey Epstein” Let’s Discuss.

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein was a mastermind at crafting his image to perfection, thanks to the help of  his wealth. He had the support of major media companies, celebrities, schools, scientists, and politicians. The continuous backing of these major sources kept Epstein at the top, no matter what he was doing. But how could the media continue to let him go on without any reports?

Epstein was accused of sex-trafficking girls as little as 14 years old, yet would compare his actions to that of stealing a bagel. When this information began to gain traction, the media continuously backed down to Epstein and his lawyers. When ABC was going to air the interview of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, it took one call to make it disappear. Yet, ABC went on to cover all the lawsuits involving Epstein.

However, last summer The New York Times faced a dilemma when they asked veteran financial correspondent, Landon Thomas Jr., to interview Epstein further. After learning that Thomas had previously accepted a $30,000 donation from him, they were quick to bench him from associating with Epstein professionally. The Times didn’t officially fire Thomas until January 2019.

As journalists and members of the media, there is a duty that must be upheld. To deliver important information to citizens so they can make the best decision possible when deciding upon their personal lives and society. The media failed to do this when women started to come forth on the abuse they faced from Epstein. His popularity and power won over many and he proved to be difficult to investigate but the decision to do it earlier could have changed the lives of many.

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