Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a clear and appealing way to make data and information easy to process. Through many blogs that offer data visualizations, there are many that stood out especially The digital publication offers a variety of visuals that have been heavily debated in today’s culture. The website was an easy pick because it draws you in with how easy it is to search through the site and highlight different data. YouTubers are a huge part of pop culture and many consider them celebrities. Unfortunately, many YouTubers seem to have a controversial past that has forced many apologies, or “vlogpologies” from a variety of these stars.  The pudding took data from every apology and sectioned it into three groups. Apology phrases per minute, likes vs dislikes on each video and cuts per minute. Each category offers a different reason why some apologies were more successful for YouTubers than others. This visualization specifically offers interactive bits to the graph where each picture or mark offer percentages and how each star landed where they are. This website has fantastic visuals and makes it easy for the consumer to grasp the information they’re presenting without overwhelming the audience.

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 7.07.25 PM

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